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Notice: Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, all upcoming shows have been cancelled or post-poned until further notice (which hopefully will not be too long). Stay healthy and see you soon! - Here is the official webpage for information regarding upcoming shows, news-features, articles and more - check back often for updates on locations near you!

What's in store for this new year?
2020 started off strong, but the onset of the pandemic quickly slowed any momentum the project had gained. Despite this, it was a good year.
2019 was very active and the most successful year for the project (to date). Lots of shows and meeting good friends.
2018 wasn't the beginning, but it was the first time Mercury's Butterfly had gotten featured anywhere~



"Ghost Leaves" music video premiere on Liz Walsh's "Supermoon" series (#6) public-access show (benefit fundraiser for Rogers & Rosewater Soup Company; Oakland, CA) 9/20/2020 9PM-late

"The Seventh Day" (2018) album is featured in Le Marche Noir's 'Reviews/Tonträger Besprechungen' 8/10/2020
Mercury's Butterfly Live-Stream (Twitch) @ Studio 5/6/2020 8PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ the Blackbird Bookstore & Cafe with V.E.X. (Vortex Empath Xen, members of Moira Scar; Oakland, CA) and Astronaut Ice Cream (Chico locals) 3/28/2020 (Saturday) 7PM [flyer] cancelled

Mercury's Butterfly @ Club Vantablack (Stork Club) in Oakland with Dusty Miller (Sacramento) and Wolf Snake Sun (San Jose) 3/14/2020 (Saturday) 9:30PM-1AM [flyer] cancelled


Mercury's Butterfly @ the 1078 Gallery (Chico) with Moira Scar (Oakland), Shadow Figures and Desperate Hell (Chico locals) 11/16/2019 (Saturday) 8PM [flyer 1/flyer 2] <featured in the Chico News and Review>

Mercury's Butterfly @ the Famine Cabin (Chico) with Kratom (Olympia), Fall Children (Ukiah) and Mechanical Goldfish (Chico) 11/9/2019 (Saturday) 7PM [flyer]

Interview with Rock Your Brain

Mercury's Butterfly @ Blackbird Bookstore & Cafe with This Valve Controls, Static Declarations, and Entrail (Olympia, WA) 9/9/2019 (Monday) 7/7:30 PM [flyer// 9/24/2019 (Tuesday) 7/7:30 PM with Dancing Plague (Oregon) and Iver (Chico) [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Red Bluff Punk/Metal show 8/19/2019

"Dreamy Dayze" album is featured in an article by 8/5/2019 + the song "Air-Wound Ambrosia" was featured in WL//WH "Weekly Tips" #29; 5th August, 2019

The song "Dancefloor Nightmare" from "Dreamy Dayze" album was featured in WL//WH "Weekly Tips" #27; 22nd July, 2019 + Other Voices "Chapter XI" Mix; 4th August, 2019

Mercury's Butterfly @ T.A.Y. Center's Open Mic Night 7/26/2019 [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Blackbird Bookstore & Cafe 7/23/2019 (Tuesday) at 7/7:30 PM with Iver, Scout (locals) and Lovataraxx (France) [flyer]

Mercury's Butterfly @ Saltea Herbs 6/3/2019 (Wednesday) at 12 PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ Skate4Change Mental Illness Benefit 5/7/2019 (Tuesday) in Willows 4PM // private Beltane party 5/8/2019 (Wednesday) in Orland 6PM-Midnight

Mercury's Butterfly @ private Ostara party 3/21/2019 (Thursday) at 6 PM

Mercury's Butterfly @ Saltea Herbs 2/22/2019 (Friday) at 4 PM


The song "Visions" from "The Ghost Speaks" album was featured in WL//WH Post Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth "Weekly Tips" #8; 26th March, 2018